Dr. Kent Wilkinson


Journal Editor

Thomas Jay Harris Regents Professor in Hispanic & International Communication, College of Media & Communication, Texas Tech University. I am a board member and co-organizer of the 7th Hispanic/Latino Media & Marketing International Conference along with Julián Rodríguez at U.T. Arlington.

My research focuses on international communication, Hispanic/Latino-oriented media in the U.S., and Hispanic health communication. I study how language, culture and economics interact in national, regional and global media markets. I am a member of the Lubbock Scapes Collective, a cross-disciplinary research and creativity group that endeavors to understand and conceptualize Lubbock, the South Plains and the Permian Basin regions in new ways. I have been collaborating with colleagues in Mexico and Chile to understand the uses and gratifications young adults derive from their smartphones. In 2016 I published a book that examines the historical development of Spanish-language television in the U.S. (http://url.ie/z2dh)


http://www.depts.ttu.edu/comc/faculty/faculty/kwilkinson.php www.depts.ttu.edu/comc/research/hihic